Bitcoin Poker

If you love playing poker online, look no further than It uses the same software as America’s Card Room, but the payouts are much, much faster than a typical cardroom. This is due to the use of Bitcoin, which allows money to be sent instantly anywhere in the world in minutes. If you think bitcoin is sketchy, think again. Sure, some people take advantage of the pseudo-anonymity provided by bitcoin. There are also people who use it for purchasing illegal goods from darknet sites, but that does not mean that you cannot have a little bit of fun with it.

Bitcoin is very secure. It uses 256 SHA encryption to store your money in your bitcoin wallet. I use Electrum because it has all the features I need and it works very well on my Mac. For Android I use Coinomi. You are also free to use an online wallet, but I prefer having control of my private key.

The software is very easy to setup on Windows, but since I have a Mac I opted to run it in a virtual machine because not many hand tracking programs work well with OS X.

Once you setup your account, you will need to buy some bitcoin. Circle and Coinbase are both good options, although Circle lets you purchase Bitcoins instantly. Once you have your bitcoin, you will have to login to betcoin and find your deposit address and send your bitcoins using that address. They only accept payments in 0.001 increments, so if you send .0015 they won’t credit the .0005 unless you message support, and although it don’t take long, it’s best to just avoid the situation entirely and only send whole mBTC (0.001) increments.

Once you send the bitcoin, your deposit will be pending for a short time until it receives one confirmation on the blockchain. Average time is usually 10 minutes but it can take up to an hour so be patient. Once the Bitcoin shows up in your Betcoin wallet, you need to transfer it from your standard casino balance to your poker balance. From there, go play and have fun.

There are also many freeroll tournaments available. There are $10 on-demand freeroll tournaments running 24 hours a day, so there’s no waiting in between tournaments. This is great if you do not have any bitcoin to begin with so you can build a bankroll even if you have nothing to begin with.

The Daily Coin is a great 1 BTC guaranteed tournament that has free satellite tournaments running every four hours that pay two tickets each to the Daily Coin step satellites, which are three double or nothing tournaments. The top 50% move on to the next tournament.

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